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PT Anggana Catur Prima

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Projects :

  • Creating a brand campaign and amplifying the brand message through its social media
  • Creating engagement with the audience by focusing variety of contents

Koepoe Koepoe

Koepoe Koepoe has been present for 7 decades. Koepoe Koepoe comes as a loyal friend who always accompanies each cooking activity. Purpose of Koepoe Koepoe helps oneself through taste. Koepoe Koepoe Company is becoming a brand that can help anyone who wants to help herself/himself through cooking. By adding modern practical and complete value, Koepoe Koepoe will make cooking become more practical.

Reintroduce the brand to younger market audience

  • Increased 71% engagement rate
  • Aiming male persona through various contents
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Jakarta Selatan 12510 INDONESIA


Phone/WA +62 812 9000 66150

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