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  • Creating an enticing GREEN HAT creative approach with witty visuals for social media and advertising.
  • Producing hero video for YouTube and Instagram.
  • Running digital campaign to create awareness, interest, and acquire downloaders

Creative Communication, Web UI/UX, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Influencer Management


WOWBID is the first auction application in Indonesia that offers a unique and fun way to shop. WOWBID was launched on Google Play on December 19, 2018. WOWBID has 2 auction methods: First, it is Live Streaming Auction, which will be broadcasted via Live Auction. This means that WOWBID users can participate in a streaming auction that will be guided by 3 to 4 hosts. Second, online auctions, products will be auctioned for 12 to 24 hours every day.

Create awareness for a newly launched auction e-commerce

  • Optimized Cost Per Install campaign for IDR 3K for social media installand 8K through UAC
  • 103.8K Installs through Google Play Campaign and 112.5K Installs through Social Media Install Campaign in 6 months campaign period
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