COMMUNICATE – Video Production

Cara Praktis Edo: Kepang Rambut Challenge


Edo Food is part of PT Diamond Cold Storage which produces frozen pastry and bakery products such as Mantou, Pizza, Puff Pastry, and Pancakes. IDEOWORKS, Edo Food’s first digital agency, has contributed to Edo Food’s digital marketing journey. One of them is Digital Activation which carries the primary message #CaraPraktisEdo. IDEOWORKS produced a Digital Video Commercial (DVC) based on the concept of the #KepangRambutChallenge. This DVC seeks to highlight that Edo Food is a practical solution for Moms when it prepping family breakfasts. In a way, it demonstrates that #HangatkanEdo is faster than braiding a child’s hair.

Creative Director:

Yohannes Chayadi
Account Director:
Firstalina Wardani

Strategic Planner:

Rio Yudhoyono
Art Director:
Yuliza Oktaviani
Producer Agency:
Rendi Permana
Social Media Specialist:
Alia Putri
Account Manager :
Yessi Yolanda
Production House:
Retto Wasabi