COMMUNICATE – Video Production

Koepoe Koepoe Cerita dibalik Rasa


Koepoe Koepoe, as a brand, claimed its products as Indonesia’s heritage. But even though this brand has been around for many years, it has less awareness compared to its competitors. We proposed “Koepoenya Cerita di Balik Rasa” idea to help Koepoe Koepoe to reach more potential target markets through social media and TVC.

From this idea, we let the consumers know that every food they consume has its own unique story with Koepoe Koepoe.


Creative Director:

Yohannes Chayadi
Account Director:
Firstalina Wardani
Strategic Planner:
Rio Yudhoyono
Art Director:
Daniella Syakhirina
Production House:
Adi Nugroho