Koepoe Koepoe CerITA RASA 

Koepoe Koepoe is a company that provides various types of food ingredients, ranging from spices, flavorings, and others. Koepoe Koepoe already has a creative asset, namely #KoepoenyaCeritaDibalikRasa. IDEOWORKS implements these assets by emphasizing the words ‘Cerita’ and ‘Rasa’ become ‘CerITA RASA’. IDEOWORKS managed Koepoe Koepoe’s Social Media Marketing by dividing the Content Pillar into 3 parts. First, Koepoenya Info, the content contains information about products, events, and testimonials. Second, CerITA RASA, the content contains authenticity, daily habits, and moments. Third, the Trivia Koepoe, the content contains fun facts, quizzes, tips & tricks.