Fruitamax is a fruit-flavored beverage brand produced by PT Singa Mas Indonesia. To raise awareness of the new Ready to Drink (RTD) Serrr & Fruita Max to the millennial audience, IDEOWORKS helped Fruitamax to develop its Social Media Marketing (SMM) and create YouTube web series. Coming up with “SERRRunyaMAXimal” idea, we offered relevant content to its audience based on their everyday experiences. IDEOWORKS provided Instagram tonality that is Fun, Bright Colors, Witty, and Product Highlight.

Creative Director:

Fithor Faris
Strategic Planner:
Rio Yudhoyono
Art Director:
Yuliza Oktaviani
Graphic Designer:
Bagoes Raditya
Producer Agency:
M. Rizky Kurnia
Social Media Specialist:
Adih Setiawan
Account Manager :
Jesslyn Limbrata
Agra Suseno