Batuk? Di Komix Herbal Aja!


Komix Herbal is a herbal medicine used to help relieve coughs and colds, produced by PT Bintang Toedjoe. IDEOWORKS consistently gave fresh ideas and designs while running Komix Herbal Social Media Marketing. IDEOWORKS brings 3 Content Pillars, including Product Knowledge, Daily life & Fun fact, and Trivia & Trends. The content always carries a message encouraging the audience to seek Komix Herbal as cough relief. So, the communication, “Batuk? di Komix Herbal Aja!” is always raised.

Creative Director:

Yohanes Chayadi
Art Director:
Account Director:
Firstalina Wardani
Kedutaan Besar Bekasi
Executive Producer:
Fithor Faris
Muhammad Rizky Kurnia