ANALYZE –  Search & Display Adv



Verisign has built its brand awareness in Indonesia since 2017 (even before the pandemic!). Initially, the campaign started with awareness and education of .net and .com. Since 2019 until now, Verisign has moved its campaign to focus on Relevance and Consideration funnels while still maintaining its brand recall. During the partnership with IDEOWORKS, Verisign campaign has maintained constant optimization of media placement yielded strong results :

● 39% VTR above industry benchmark of 30% 

● 51% Landing Page Visits 

● 10K Unique Visitors did engagement on the Landing Page 

● 1.1K Unique Visitors did domain search on the Landing Page 

● 40 Million Views on Awareness campaign collaboration with Saykoji 

● 61 Million Views on Awareness campaign collaboration with Didiet Maulana


Creative Director:

Yohannes Chayadi
Account Director:
Firstalina Wardani
Strategic Planner:
Rio Yudhoyono
Art Director:
Daniella Syakhirina
Production House:
Adi Nugroho